Our Convention Green Screen Photography provides the perfect way to photograph people and substitute another background in place of the green screen. The new background can be a fun way to accent the theme of your event or brand your company or make guests feel special!

Ideal for conventions, conferences, corporate events and parties, we can provide live photography, background substitution & photographic prints – branded with your logo / website / slogan – on the spot!

You can provide your own greenscreen replacement background image for us or we can design custom green screen replacement backgrounds for a small fee.

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Houston Green Screen Photographer

Houston Greenscreen Photographer

Dallas Green Screen Photographer

Dallas Greenscreen Photographer

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Orlando Greenscreen Photographer

Fort Worth Green Screen Photographer

Fort Worth Greenscreen Photographer

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Oklahome City Greenscreen Photographer

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Austin Greenscreen Photographer

San Antonio Green Screen Photographer

San Antonio Greenscreen Photographer

Baton Rouge Green Screen Photographer

Baton Rouge Greenscreen Photographer

Las Vegas Green Screen Photographer

Las Vegas Greenscreen Photographer

Our great digital green screen convention photography LAYERING system allows graphics (backgrounds, logo, event name, business slogan) to be both behind and in front of the subject to make a great branding tool.